Western Whips is proud to offer this rare opportunity to purchase collectible and slightly-used whips. over the past twenty-five years, we sold many of these whips to our customers and to collectors. in the last few years, many serious whip collector and seasoned performers have left these whips in their estates.

many of the whips offered here on this website will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your hands on, whips made by legendary whip makers.

as we acquire more whips, in the future, we will add them to this website so. be sure to add us to your favorites so you don't miss out on this great opportunity.

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As you know Terry Jacka was one of the most sort after whip makers for the last few decades. He made the whips for the last Indian Jones movie and many of the well known performers prized his work

For over 25 years at Western stage Props we sold many 1,000's of whips and at times having over 300 top of the line Kangaroo whips in stock.

Terry Jacka, Russell Schultz, Joe Strain, Frazier, Nolan, Wilkes and a few others were our main crafts people. Terry Jacka was the most commonly requested whip and over the 25 years many collectors requested his work. Many of the the whips listed hear came from the Ben Esseling collection. Ben purchased over 200 whips and most were cracked a few times and placed on the shelf in his collection. Ben agreed that is was time to lighten the load and decided to sell off much of his prized collection.

I sold Western Stage Props a few years ago to Kyle and Christina and they are doing a great job carrying on the traditions and continuing to supply everyone with western equipment. Ben sold me what you see on the list and sold some to Kyle as well. If you do not see a color or length here give them a call 702.873.1100.

I have taken only a few photos of groups of whips.
If you are interested in one of more whips call me and I will send you a few photos of your favorite whips.

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